Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Beloved, I thank you for all the blessings that my loved ones, others and I have received, I pray that we all may always be the recipients of Thy blessings, and especially those, who no one prays for, may they receive even more blessings. May all our doubt and worries be replaced with comfort, direction and good n...ews - May we always be greatful, patient and strong in every condition, and always give out of pure things to others, who need it. I pray for the health and well being of everyone, for a long life filled with pure success and Grace -Please fulfill all our good efforts - May the soul of my father and all others who have left this life enjoy eternal peace and taste the fruits of Paradise - Please empower us all to exist with the potential we are created with today and always, to shine in Noor, to co-exist and to spread love to all - Love for all, hatred for none - ameen ya Rabbilalameen, ya Rahman.- ( Humma Bari -Denmark)

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