Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please I am going to see my husband and in-laws after almost 2 years of seperation please pray we will work out our differences with forgiveness and that GOD will restore what the enemy has stolen from marriages and homes around our nation. Also, pray that good spiritual mentors and wise leaders wi......ll come into my life to help me finacially be a success by becoming a life coach and investor to become a Lender no longer a borrower or struggle financially any longer....... In Jesus Name... Jesus bring the Rain!!!! My Harvest is coming, My Harvest is Coming!!!! ( Katrina Naldo )

hey all can you please pray for my friend he is conffussed and he needs some direction :D thanks guys ( Nat 'a' Lee )

Hello from “Would Jesus Go There”, New Zealand. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for this ministry, that it will continue to touch lives to the glory of God. Prayer and living in the word of God is key to winning in all of life's challenges, especially the challenges of safely using the internet. The internet be a minefield to navigate, and keeping safe on the internet is one of the most important issues facing Christians and the world today. How do we keep ourselves safe while navigating the internet? Visit us at: to see how. If you are inspired by and like the articles at WJGT, please invite your friends to visit our site also. Blessings, Steve

i am working here n Israel as a caregiver,i am asking u team please pray 4 this nation & me also that GOD answer my hearts desire.tnx ( Norma Abrera )

In jesus christ i saw a forgiving & loving God that helped me to repent ( George Xavier)

To God be the glory great things He has done & greater things He wl do!

please pray for my Neice that God would touch her body and rise her from her bed of affliction.....I will be praying for you ( Darnell Is Apostolic Horn )

Hi i would like you to pray for my daughter Njabulo and for God to intervene in her life,school and to help her to choose Godly friends. God said in his word when to or more are gathered in his name, he is in their midst,so i need your prayers brothers and sister in the Lord.( Leticia Khumalo )

I would like you too pray we are trying too sell our house but i don' t know why it wont sell .There was so many people that are interesting too buy the house but nothing is happening. So i need you too help praying brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for all that you have done for me in my life and for all you will do for me in the future as I stand in faith and expectance, in Jesus Holy name I pray. I pray , today, for all my brothers and sisters in Christ who may be praying to God for help. I stand in faith and agreement in prayer. Tha...nk you Jesus, in your Holy name I pray. ..Amen!!!!!!!!!

Thank GOD for this ministry and all the people that find it or as in my case given...Thankyou Jesus...Blessings on each and every one and we join forces together for all the Lord leads us to pray for. Please Keep my family in your prayers...I thank God for each and every one of them...Thankyou Lord in advance for what... you are doing and going to do, for we will see Your Hand in all of this...And we expect MIRACLES..As your Word declares...Thankyou Jesus for each and everyone of them......Peace be with you all!!!

Lord, as we come near to your return I pray for all of us, to reach out and grow stronger in your word, prayer and wisdom. I pray for my family and friends to keep them safe during the times of times, and pray for myself during my tour out here and to keep giving me strength as my duty is for you to help and heal the w...ounded not only physically but to also share your word as much as I can out here during my tour. You protect me and my fellow comrades, thank you. I pray for every soldier out here, I also pray for my family and friends to also give them strength during this trial of tribulation. Thank you for giving me another day wakeing up and breathing for you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen!


Dear God, Please give my beloved sister the very best of health....( Kenari Biru - Germany )

Danke, dass Du mich erschaffen hast und ich gesund hier leben darf. Ich versuche immer Deine Liebe weiter zu geben und deinen Willen zu erfüllen. Meine verstorbene Frau kann das irdische Leben nicht mehr genießen, aber Sie wird es nicht vermissen, da sie bei Dir ist. Danke, bis auch ich nicht nur im Geiste bei Dir bin.( Charles Bauer - Germany )

Pagi ini kulihat mentariMu memancar terik.. Petang ini kurasakan dinginMu dari titisan hujan membasahi tanah ini.. Aku bersyukur..( Rafeah Fazlina Ahmad - Malaysia)

Tuhanku, tabahkanlah hati kami menghadapi setiap ujian dan dugaan-Mu. Sesungguhnya Engkaulah perancang yang terbaik dan mengetahui setiap yang tidak diketahui oleh kami.. Ringankanlah bebanan hati kami ini dan kurniakanlah kepada kami jalan keluar yang terbaik untuk setiap permasalahan yang dihadapi. Amin. ( Rafeah Fazlina Ahmad - Malaysia )

Lieber Gott, one of my Facebook friends travelled to her homeland, far away from Europe, because her Mom is very sick. Please help my FB friend and her Mom. I know we all belong to you. And only you know, what is good for us.( Charles Bauer -Germany )

Jutaan terima kasih
kerana membesarkan anak mama ni..

Memberi sepenuh
kasih sayang...

dari kecik sampai
masuk sekolah..

Sampai bolih rasa
naik kapal terbang..

sampai bolih rasa
duduk kat negera orang...tanpa itu semua...anak ma bukan seperti anak ma yang sekarang ini...

Sampai akhir
hayat ini....

Jasa ma, tak kan
mampu anak ma nie ...nak balas...

Besar terlalu
besar….tinggi terlalu tinggi nilainya…

Hanya Allah saje
yang mampu membalas semua itu…

Semuga ma
diletakkan ditempat mereka2 yang solih…

Terima kasih ma….

Salam peluk

Yang benar,

Anak mama
yang jauh….Noor

( Kenari Biru - Malaysia )


O ALLAH! with your grace....please forgive our sins....unite all the humankind, be they Muslims or non-Muslims....AMIN! ( Willy Suriano Hariono - Malaysia )

Ya Dzul Jalaa liwal Ikraam, sesungguhnya hanya Engkau Yang Maha Mengetahui hatiku ini. Perkenankanlah doa-doaku. Lindungilah kami semua daripada perkara-perkara yang tidak diingini. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin. ( Rafeah Fazlina Ahmad - Malaysia )

O Allah, I beg to You the good which Your Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) begged of You; and I seek refuge in You from the evil where from Your Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) sought refuge. You are the One from Whom help is sought and Your is the responsibility to communicate (the truth). Th...ere is no power or strength except with Allah the Exalted, the Great. (At-Tirmidhi)

 Rafeah Fazlina Ahmad  ( Malaysia )

Please join me by interceding in prayer for Larry Ratze who is my good friend Lance Ratze from North Central Bible College's father. He is radically saved for the Lord & has a heart of God. He is having a life/death surgery today & I am touching agreeing, & believing he will be made whole again & be refined & purified ...(Brian G. Hurley - USA)

Allah Yang Maha Pengasih.. Hanya kepada-Mu jua tempatku memohon perlindungan. Kurniakanlah kesejahteraan hidup kepada kami. Sesungguhnya hanya Engkau jua yang mengetahui segala isi hati kami.. Perkenankanlah doa-doa kami. (Amin. Rafeah Fazlina Ahmad - Malaysia )